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The goal of this website is to show the present owners of the Chanel company how much we miss the discontinued classics and hopefully, if they see that there is enough interest and demand, they will bring back the perfume!

Please leave a comment below (for example: of why you liked the perfume, describe the scent, time period or age you wore it, who gave it to you or what occasion, any specific memories), who knows, perhaps someone from the company might see it.

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How to Date Chanel Bottles

In this guide I will try to help you accurately date your Chanel bottle. Be sure to look over the entire page for the most information.
  • All Chanel perfumes appear in the signature Chanel bottle based on the original Sem design. 
  • Most Chanel bottles have been made by Verreries Brosse and usually the bases will be embossed with a VB or BR logo, molded with the name Chanel into the glass. 
  • My research has concluded that some parfum bottles, including miniatures were made by Pochet et du Courval, their marking is a small HP molded into the glass - along with the name Chanel (if it does not say Chanel in the glass - it is fake). These HP bottles date from 1970s-1990s. The minis that are marked with HP were often sold in the "wardrobe" sets.
  • From the 1920s until 1951, the small "o" used in any perfume beginning with No. (number), will have a dot underneath it, after 1951, the dot disappears. 
  • From 1970-1987, all Chanel's pure parfums will be marked with the word "Perfume" underneath the fragrance name. Starting in 1988, we see the word "Parfum" used instead.
  • Starting in 1987, the words Paris/New York are added to Eau de Parfums.
  • Black striped boxes used up until 1958.
  • The words "New York Distributor" was used from the late 1940s and into the 1950s.
  • The familiar black and gold cologne sprays were introduced in 1958, they were metered to expel 800 sprays in each bottle. Light and sturdy, designed by Chanel for the age of air travel.
  • Cologne and talc was used from 1939 - onwards
  • If there is a barcode on the box, this perfume dates to after 1989. 
  • Starting in 1992, the Green Dot recycling symbol will appear on the box.
  • From 1998-2003, a short list of ingredients are listed on the box.
  • By 2004, there will be a long list of ingredients listed on the box.

Decipher the numbers found on the extrait boxes to determine the size of your bottle:
  • No. 200 = 1/2 oz (15 ml)
  • No. 201 = 1 oz (30 ml)
  • No. 202 = 2 oz (60 ml)
  • No. 203 = 3 oz (90 ml)
  • No. 207 = 1/4 oz (the little "tester" bottles 2.25" tall with oval glass stoppers with long dauber)
  • No. 209 = 1/4 oz (7 ml)
  • No. 210 = 1/4 oz
  • No. 211 = 1/3 oz (9ml)
  • size 4 = 4 oz 
  • size 7 = 1 oz
  • size 8 = 1/2 oz
  • size 9 = 1/4 oz
  • size 10 = 1/4 oz (the little "tester" bottles 2.25" tall with oval glass stoppers with long dauber)
  • size 11 = 1/3 oz 

Decipher the letters found on the extrait boxes to determine the size of your bottle:
  • T.T.P.M = 1/4 oz (Tres Tres Petit Modele/Very Very or Extra Extra Small)
  • M.T.P.M. = 1/3 oz (Moyen Tres Petit Modele)? 
  • T.P.M. = 1/2 oz (Tres Petit Modele/Very or Extra Small)
  • P.M. (Petit Modele/Small) = 1 oz 
  • M.M. (Moyen Modele/Medium) = 2 oz
  • G.M. (Grand Modele/Large) = 4 oz
  • T.G.M. (Tres Grand Modele/Very or Extra Large) = 8 oz

Other catalog numbers found on boxes:
  • No. 1512 = 2 ml? Parfum Mini Bottles  
  • No. 110.50 = 7.5 ml? Parfum Purse Bottle (Flacon Pour le Sac)
  • No. 1.200.91 = 14 ml Parfum Splash  
  • No. 120.061 = 14 ml Parfum Splash  
  • No. 120.991 = 7 ml Parfum Splash  
  • No. 120.091 = 14 ml Parfum Splash 
  • No. 120.51 = 14 ml Parfum Splash   
  • No. 1.209.51 = 7 ml Parfum Splash 
  • No. 115350 = 60 ml (2 oz) Eau de Toilette Splash (TPM - Tres Petit Modele)
  • No. 1303 = 120 ml (4 oz) Eau de Toilette Splash (PM - Petit Modele)
  • No. 13035 = 120 ml (4 oz) Eau de Toilette Splash (PM - Petit Modele)
  • No. 130451 = 246 ml (8.2 oz) Eau de Toilette Splash (MM - Moyen Modele)
  • No. 13055 = 500 ml (16.9 oz) Eau de Toilette Splash (GM - Grand Modele)
  • No. 375 - 1.5 oz Eau de Cologne Splash  
  • No. 376 - 2 oz Eau de Cologne Splash  
  • No. 380 - 3.2 oz  Eau de Cologne Splash  
  • No. 1482 - 2 oz Eau de Cologne Splash   (TPM - Tres Petit Modele)
  • No. 1483 - 4 oz Eau de Cologne Splash (PM - Petit Modele)
  • No. 1484 - 8 oz Eau de Cologne Splash (MM - Moyen Modele)
  • No. 1.484.51 - 8 oz Eau de Cologne Splash 
  • No. 1485 - 16 oz Eau de Cologne Splash 
  • No. 1612 - Eau de Cologne Splash 
  • No. 1.303 = 1/8 oz Eau de Toilette Splash 
  • No. 1.302.91 = 2 oz Eau de Toilette Splash (TPM - Tres Petit Modele)
  • No. 1.303.91 = 4 oz Eau de Toilette Splash (PM - Petite Modele)
  • No. 102.462 = 100 ml (3.4 oz) Eau de Toilette Spray 
  • No. 105.460 = 100 ml (3.38 oz) Eau de Toilette Spray
  • No. 118.360 = 100 ml (3.4 oz) Eau de Toilette Splash 
  • No. 119.360 = 100 ml (3.4 oz) Eau de Toilette Splash 
  • No. 119.460 = 100 ml (3.4 oz) Eau de Toilette Spray 
  • No. 119.490 = 100ml (3.4 oz) Eau de Parfum Spray 
  • No. 122.466 = 100 ml (3.4 oz) Eau de Toilette Spray

A 1928 newspaper advertisements reads:
 "Just Unpacked - Chanel's New Perfumes! Chanel is one of those Paris designers who are autocratic about about the question of perfume. "It should not only match your mood, but your costume" she exclaims. And shows you what she means by inventing new fragrances, Magnolia, suits suits simply cut afternoon dress and ingenue expression. $12.50. And No. 5 suggests myrrh, hawthorn heaped with flower, roses of Oriental gardens, your most sophisticated gown and casual air, if you please! $22.50. No. 22, $22.50. Toilet water $6.00."

A 1925 newspaper ad reads:
 "A New Perfume From Chanel. In Gardenia, the latest creation from this house, has imprisoned the romantic sweetness of the natural blossoms. In dainty containers suitable for the boudoir. Perfume $11.50, $15.00 and $26.00. Toilet water $9.00".

In 1928:
Introducing Chanel's new perfume first at Mandel's ... bring to Chicago this exquisite odeur that she calls "Le Parfum special de Chanel . . . there are six..."

Questioned about her attitude toward perfumes, especially the flower perfumes, Mlle. Chanel said:
"Real perfume is mysterious, but the perfume which many women use is not mysterious. Women are not flowers. Why should they want to smell like flowers?” I like roses, and the smell of the rose is very beautiful, but I do not want a woman to smell like a rose."

A 1939 newspaper article in the Berkeley Daily Gazette reads :
"We were pleased to discover that there is a recent arrival. Chanel's exquisite fragrances in the form of colognes is the thing to wear. And it's a mere suggestion of perfume, cologne's the thing to wear. And it's much more reasonable than perfume. A small bottle of Chanel's cologne in any of your favorite scents is $1.50. large size bottles $5.00. There's an awfully nice Chanel gift set too, cologne and talc in matching scents, beautifully boxed for $5.00."

Chanel knew the importance of expanding their perfumery range to include various ancillary products to suit the wearer's preference for fragrance strengths. Chanel also introduced various gift sets in either perfumes or perfumes with ancillaries.

Concentrations & Ancillary Products:

  • 1921 - Chanel No. 5 Extrait (Parfum/Perfume) 
  • 1924 - Eau de Toilette (splash) 
  • 1924 - Face Powder (Gardenia & No. 5)
  • 1926 - Talc 
  • 1927 - Creme de Beaute/Face Cream
  • 1927 - Lotion (for the face)
  • 1927 - Creme de Toilette (for cleansing the face)
  • 1927 - Creme Astringents  (an astringent for enlarged pores)
  • 1927 - Creme de Massage (softens the skin, removes impurities)
  • 1927 - Creme Pour le Nuit (to nourish, soften & fortify the skin)
  • 1927 - Liquid Face Powder
  • 1927 - Rouge Gras (cream rouge)
  • 1927 - Huile de Jasmine (massage oil)
  • 1927 - Poudre Toilette (for after the bath)
  • 1927 - Pate Chanel (for whitening & beautifying the skin) 
  • 1927 - 1941 - Eau de Toilette (Cube Bottle) in No. 5, No. 22, No. 21, Gardenia, Ambre, Chypre, Rose, and Magnolia. 
  • 1927 - 1937 - Eau de Toilette (Cylinder Bottle) in Jasmin and Bois Des Iles. 
  • 1927 - Astringent pour L'Epiderme/Skin Tonic
  • 1930 - Huile Tan Pour L'Ete/Tanning Oil 
  • 1932 - Savon de Toilette/Soap 
  • 1937 - After Bath Powder 
  • 1936 - Eau de Cologne (splash) in Chanel No.5, Cuir de Russie & Gardenia
  • 1938 - Dusting Powder 
  • 1940 - Eau de Cologne (Splash) in Chanel No. 22
  • 1958 - Parfum Spray 
  • 1958 - Spray Cologne 
  • 1962 - Oil for the Bath/Bath oil/Huile de Bain 
  • 1966 - After Bath Oil 
  • 1970 - The Voile Parfumee 
  • 1971 - Body Lotion 
  • 1971 - Eau de Chanel No. 5 
  • 1986 - Eau de Parfum (splash) 
  • 1997 - Eau de Parfum Spray 
  • 2005 - Chanel No. 5 Sensual Elixir 
  • 2007 - Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere 

All differ slightly in their formulation, and only the Extrait Perfume contains rose oil and jasmine absolute from the Grasse region, and is sealed by hand in a method known as baudruchage. The Eau de Toilette and the Eau de Parfum differ also from one another not only in their concentration but also their formula, and are bottled and filled by machine.

Drug and Cosmetic Industry - Volume 40 - Page 511, 1937:
"The Chanel gift package is an exquisite presentation of a crystal bottle in a satin jewel case, magnificent in its rich simplicity. It is a gift for all occasions."

A 1939 newspaper article in the Berkeley Daily Gazette reads:
"We were pleased to discover that there is a recent arrival. Chanel's exquisite fragrances in the form of colognes is the thing to wear. And it's a mere suggestion of perfume, cologne's the thing to wear. And it's much more reasonable than perfume. A small bottle of Chanel's cologne in any of your favorite scents is $1.50. large size bottles $5.00. There's an awfully nice Chanel gift set too, cologne and talc in matching scents, beautifully boxed for $5.00."

The cube bottles were used from 1927 to around 1941 and held the Eau de Toilettes for No. 5, Gardenia, Ambre, Chypre, Rose, and Magnolia.

One such gift set was the Three Moods Presentation from 1934. This gift set was sold well into the 1950s and could be had in various different Chanel perfumes.

Berkeley Daily Gazette, 1939 :
"Chanel feels that perfume induces various moods. He [sic] offers a package of three of his[sic] most exquisite perfumes. Gardenia, Chanel No. 5 and Glamour in the hope they will be conducive to your happiest most pleasant feelings. All three perfumes are definitely the last word in smells. The set called "Three Moods" is priced at $6.75."

Classic Chanel Parfum & Eau de Parfum Bottle Designs: 

Bottle Closeups and comments:

 #1. Original 1921 Sem designed bottle with rounded corners, small square stopper (not faceted - but has the CC logo intaglio), thin walls. Small label. See examples in ad below.

 #2. Another 1921 bottle, tiny square stopper (not faceted- but has the CC logo intaglio)), smaller and now with sharper corners, short neck, thin walls. Small label.  

#3. 1924 bottle with new stopper design which is faceted and now a rectangular, emerald cut shape and bottle has thicker walls and a fatter neck. Notice how the label is now larger.

  • The 2 oz bottle stands 3.5" tall.
  • The 1 oz bottle stands 3" tall.
  • The 1/2 oz bottle stands 2 1/8" tall.
  • The 1/4 oz bottle stands 1 7/8" tall.

#4. 1950 bottle with thicker stopper, still in the rectangular emerald cut shape though this time it isn't as wide as its predecessor, thicker neck and the bottle has thicker walls and notched shoulders. Label still large.
  • The 1 oz bottle stands 3 1/4" tall
  • The 1/2 oz bottle stands 2 1/2" tall.
  • The 1/4 oz bottle stands 2" tall.

 #5. 1970 bottle when stopper was at its thickest, still faceted, rectangular and emerald cut and this time its width is longer like on the 1924 bottle, and the walls of the bottle were thick, also neck is fatter. Label still large. Parfum bottles dating from the 1970s-1990s manufactured by Pochet et du Courval have plastemeri caps on the stopper plugs.
  • The 10 oz Factice bottle stands 5.9" tall.
  • The 1 oz bottle stands 
  • The 1/2 oz bottle stands 
  • The 1/4 oz bottle stands 2" tall.

 #6. 1986 bottle, taller in size, created for the eau de parfum splash, with simplified rectangular,emerald cut, faceted stopper, this time not as wide as the previous bottle, again, the walls of the bottle are thick. Label is medium sized in relation to the size of the bottle. The eau de parfum spray bottle has a similar stopper that fits over a spray mechanism. The measurements given below apply to the splash bottles only.
  • The 3.3 oz bottle stands 4.4" tall.
  • The 1.7 oz bottle stands 
  • The 1 oz bottle stands 

Note: not pictured, but I thought I would mention it, the little tester bottles with the oval disk stoppers stand 2 3/8" tall.

Chanel Spray Bottles:

The 1.4 oz Refillable Spray bottle used for the Chanel No. 5 Eau de Parfum was introduced in 1986 with the debut of the Eau de Parfum. I am unsure of how long this was in use as I only saw it advertised until 1987 in vintage newspaper advertisements.

To further date your bottle, see my friend's website:

How To Open Your Chanel Bottle:

An instruction manual was inserted inside boxes of parfum extrait, explaining how to correctly open the perfume bottles without breaking the stoppers.

"Perfumes must be closed tightly to avoid evaporation, leakage and finally deterioration. If you experience any difficulty in opening this bottle, the following procedure should be adopted: 

  • Remove skin and cord. 
  • Take bottle in hand, resting lightly against top of index finger to act as a cushion. 
  • Then tap the under sides of the stopper lightly with preferably another glass bottle or other handy light object, (avoiding any sharp edged article) at the same time turning the bottle steadily between the fingers. 

This will loosen the stopper evenly all around. If stopper is loosened in one place only, it is apt to break when trying to remove it from the bottle."


  1. Hello, I have a question about HP on bottom of the vintage Chanel 5 bottle. From your article I understood only VB and VR were the only companies to make bottles. But my Chanel 5 with HP smells identical to bottle with VB initial. is there any possibility HP is legit too? Thanks

    1. Hi Olga,

      It is possible that the person who created the counterfeit had used a very small amount of the real perfume to add to the bottle. I have heard of this dne even today.

    2. I purchased a bottle of Coco Chanel Eau De Parfum, but it is no in the standard shape of my other bottles. This one is the tall bottle, more like the new Mademoiselle bottles and the ingredients are not the same as the other bottles, which are: alcohol, parfum fragrance, Aqua (water), BHT C1 (14700 Red, C1 42090), (blue 1}, C1 19140 (yellow 5), From Israel, what do you think?

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Hello, I was hoping you could please help satisfy my curiosity about a bottle of Chanel Pour Monsieur I purchased today as a replacement for a bottle that broke on a hotel lobby floor after slipping from my shaving kit. I wanted the older, nuanced pre-1989 formula over the stronger modern scent. My old had black lettering against the glass though while this one has black lettering against a white background as can be seen at the link below. About when was this bottle created? Thank you!

  3. Hi Max, this appears to be the original 1950s bottle.

  4. I have an unopened bottle of no.5 which has "parfum no 5 Chanel Paris on front and on the bottom of the bottle has printing in white: 7ml 06U. Do you know anything about the date or any other facts? Also, on the bottom of the box it has :T.T.P.M. Made in France on it. Any info would be appreciated.

  5. Hello, I have an old Chanel No 5 bottle that does not have a VR or VB on it. The front of the bottle says No 5 with Chanel under that on a white label. The back of the bottle has in black directly on the glass CHANEL, INC with NEW YORK under that and then DISTRIBUTOR under the new york. On the bottom of the bottle, it says Size 8 with 1/2 Fl Oz. under that on a white sticker. I can see that under that label on the bottom, the bottle says in raised letters CHANEL but I do not see VR or VB anywhere. Can you help me with what year this is?

    1. The words "New York Distributor" was used from the late 1940s and into the 1950s.
      if the glass is molded with Chanel, please be assured that it is genuine Chanel. The fakes did not have the Chanel name molded into the glass.

  6. Hi there! I just wanted to validate the authenticity of the Chanel No 5 perfume I want to buy. I want the version Marilyn Monroe is holding in her iconic picture with it in her hand, as I'm sure you have seen. Here is the listing of the perfume I'm wanting to buy:

    Please let me know thank you!

  7. Hi, I see a lot of parfums on ebay that do not have the "see through" chanel information on the back of the label. At what year did Chanel start doing this? Thank you

  8. I have an unopened bottle of no.5 which has "parfum no 5 Chanel Paris on front and on the bottom of the bottle has printing in white: 7ml 65H. Do you know anything about the date or any other facts? Made in France on it. Any info would be appreciated.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. My mother passed away and I found a unopened and sealed box/bottle of Chanel No 5. 14ml. Has Parfume and Paris on the box with TPM and 1200.51 on the bottom of the box. I know what the TPM is but am trying to date the perfume.

  11. There is a mistake it should be 14ml.

  12. hi there I have an 1950s factice still sealed with contents do u have any idea of price thanks

  13. I am trying to date this bottle of Chanel No. 5. The stopper is thin and flat and I haven't been able to locate another one like it.

    1. Hi AJ, Thank you for visiting, the reason you cannot find this bottle is because it is a vintage FAKE. This is not a genuine Chanel perfume bottle, my advice - don't waste your money on it.

  14. I acquired a large vintage bottle of Chanel no.5 Eau de Cologne with its box. The bottom of the box reads P.M. And No 1473 in the left corner, 75 degrees in the middle and Made in France in right corner. The bottom of the bottle has Chanel France and the number 2 in raised letters/numbers. The paper label on front of bottle reads Eau de Cologne No 5 CHANEL Paris in that order.
    Bottle is unopened and still has its gold seal. Can you estimate it's date? And Bottle size? Thank you.

  15. HI i bought a chanel no 5 and it was sealed. the box was silver color. The bottle has a whie squared small box that says No 5 Chanel Paris and at the bottom of the bottle does not say anything else but the number 3 (raised, I mean made from the glass). I did not see in the bottle made in france or raide letters stating chanel....

  16. I love Chanel No 5 Sensual Elixir , it's also much lighter. The bottle is simple but elegant, so it fits the perfume perfectly.

  17. I have a vintage bois des iles lotion I am trying to date.
    It has Chanel and France molded on the bottom of the bottle with the number 4.It has a black top.
    I am not sure of its size:) sorry.

    1. You are a very lucky person. The Chanel Bois de Iles in the lotion formula is almost impossible to find these days. It is an exceedingly obscure rare fragrance. This particular formula ( lotion) was discontinued in 1958.

  18. I have a vintage bottle of bois des iles lotion and would like to know what year itwas made.
    It has Chanel and France molded on the bottom.
    The lid is black (with the logo in gold) and the label is white.
    Sorry I do not know the size of the bottle(nothing on the bottle) I think it may be a 4 ounce.

  19. Hi I'd like an evaluation of an unopened bottle of Chanel No.5 parfum dated using your bottle design from between 1970-1986 please

    1. Hi, please use the "What's Your Perfume Bottle Worth?" link at the top of the page for all appraisal services

  20. Hi, I have a Chanel no.5 50ml Factice dummy, it's stamped up quite well W1X 3DA Chanel a batch no.3417 & it's etched 13, & then 50ml...Do you know much about Factices? Thank you

  21. I have a Chanel no 5 7cc unopened box so can't see the perfume bottle inside as seal is still intact. Do you recommend leaving this seal intact? It says 1.007 on sealed sticker and on outside box it says EXTRAIT T.T.P.M 1.209.51 Made in France. Can you date this please? Is this worth anything?

    1. HI Trescia,

      Thank you for visiting. To answer your question, if you intend to sell the bottle, I strongly suggest that you take an X-acto knife and carefully slice the seal through the center just enough to open the box to remove the bottle. You would want to know how much perfume is left inside, what the bottle shape and label look like as well as whether or not any spillage of perfume has taken place. I have had perfume that has evaporated even though it was sealed and in sealed packages, though it did not leak through to the outside of the box and was only stained a little bit on the interior surface of the box. Your customers will want to know how much perfume is left inside the bottle. You will also want to show a photo of the bottom of the bottle to reveal the Chanel marking in the glass to confirm authenticity. And you will be able to give an estimate on the age of the bottle too. Cutting the seal to check on the perfume is not hurting the value, contrary to what you may read elsewhere on the internet. It is a god business practice to show your buyers exactly what they are purchasing. I have heard enough disappointed buyers who complained that thye received empty or nearly empty bottles in sealed boxes because the seller did not wish to open a sealed box for fear of diminishing value. Good luck :)

  22. Hi, thanks for responding. I have opened it and it's about half full. It's says Chanel on bottom of bottle and is embossed HP on left side and the number 9 on the other. Does that mean anything?

  23. Hi can I send you a picture of my bottle to date it please? Also I just read that the embossed writing HP at the bottle may mean it's a fake?

    1. Hi Trescia,

      please send all photos to my email at


  24. Hello, I am hoping that you can help me to date this bottle of Chanel No 5 my mother has had for years, there is no cap and it is still sealed but has some evaporation. It stands about 3 inches tall and is 1 inch wide.

    1. Hi Maria,

      The lotion (is sort of a lotion vegetale) was meant to give a lustrous, healthy finish and scent to the hair as well as making it soft. It was a watery, alcohol based (approximately 87° alcohol) hair tonic, usually mixed with glycerine and other components and available in several different fragrances.

      Lotion vegetale was suggested to be used by women when curling their hair, if the ends of the hair are brittle. A woman was advised to pour a few drops into the palms of the hands and then rubbed onto the dry ends of the hair before rolling them in curlers. This would help make the ringlets soft and shining.

      Your little bottle dates to the 1940s-1950s. These are hard to find today because they were generally used only by hairdressers in salons and once they were used, the bottles were thrown away. The little metal seal would be removed in order to use the product and once it was gone, they could not be reused.

  25. Thank you very much, that was very informative.

  26. Would you have a general idea as to how much it might be worth?

  27. Hi Grace, your blog is so helpful. I am obsessed with vintage Coco and am wondering what year (even approximately) Chanel stopped doing the raised/embossed glass bottoms please? Do you know roughly when they switched to stickers on the bottle bottoms? I am pretty good at dating bottles based on available resources but knowing when stopped the raised glass bottoms would be a key data point. Thanks for your wonderful blog and time.

    1. Hi and thanks for stopping by :) I am not exactly sure what date that this change occurred, but I believe it was in the mid to late 1990s. If your batch code has three letter/number combos you can be assured your bottle dates to the 1990s or earlier.

  28. Hello! I so love this page - thank you, it is so helpful! I have just received a sealed bottle of Chanel No 5 extrait 1 oz and am trying to date and authenticate it. It is sealed with string intact and came inside a box and outter box. The stopper is flatter/thinner than my others. Does the fact that it is sealed provide any guarantee that it isn't fake? It has raised Chanel and France on the bottom glass but also the number 23 (I think) also raised along the short side of the bottom. The first thing that I noticed that is different from my other bottles of extrait is the label. It reads No 5, Chanel, Paris but the letters on the label are not raised. Were they ever not raised? I would be ok with a replacement label if the juice inside is genuine. I haven't opened it yet. Any input is welcome! I can send photos if that is helpful, too.

    1. Hi Danielle, thank you for visiting and your kind words :) Your bottle sounds to be authentic as it is molded with the Chanel name on the base. I would love to see photos - please send to cleopatrasboudoir @ gmail . com

  29. Grace I just purchased a bottle of no. 5 which doesn't seem to have any identification on it regarding volume. It is embossed in the bottom Chanel and on the back New York Distributor, I'm glad to send photos and any help is appreciated. It is still sealed. Thanks Lisa

    1. HI Lisa, shoot me an email with your bottle and measurements. I am going to try and make a chart on here to show people what size their bottle should be based on measurements corresponding to bottle/stopper combos.

  30. Hi grace. Amazing information you have here. I'm interested in bidding on a Chanel parfume but I'm not sure it's real. It only has Chanel on the bottom. Can I email you the link? :)

    1. yes, please send to cleopatrasboudoir @ gmail .com

    2. Good day Grace, I have 2 vintage bottles that I would like to know if they are real. Would I be able to send you pictures of them? They are home right now but I know one of the bottles states "bottle made in france"..

  31. Hello Grace,

    What years did Chanel produce the 1.4 oz (41 ml) refillable spray?


  32. hi grace, i can't tell you how much i love chanel no. 5 edp and the original chanel no. 5 body dusting powder. the container for the the dusting powder that i am used to, is square with a black top, and the powder is tinted like a muted pink. heavenly fragrance. i just bought a new container like that, and the scent is completely different. i hate it, it triggers migraine headaches for me. i also bought a larger round white container of chanel no. 5 body dusting powder, and that powder is white in color, which has almost no fragrance. i know there is a new formulation out, and if it is in that new square black topped box, i am so disappointed. now to the no. 5 edp. how different does that smell from the chanel no. 5 made in the 80's? i bought a new bottle 3.4 oz of chanel on ebay, only to have the seller tell me it is the "new formula" after i paid for it. i haven't received it yet, but, if it smells anything like the new dusting powder fragrance, i just threw $120.00 down the drain between the two of them. can you tell me if the new no. 5 formulation of the edp is a VERY different scent than the one of the 80's? thank you so much. Judy

  33. hi grace, i am so glad to have found this blog!! i have been wearing chanel no.5 EDP since the 80's, wonderful, sensual fragrance. i have also been using the no. 5 dusting powder since the 80's. the dusting powder container that i always bought it in, was square, with a black top and the powder itself was the color of say a muted pink. perfect scent!!! recently i bought a container of the dusting powder that i just described. however when i opened it, the scent was ENTIRELY different. so different, that i hate it, and it triggers migraine headaches for me. i then bought a round white 8 oz. container of no. 5 dusting powder on ebay. the powder in this was white in color, and had almost no fragrance at all. again very disappointed. now, i just bought a 3.4 oz bottle of no. 5 EDP. after i purchased it, the seller advised me it is the "new formulation", which i have not received yet. i know that chanel had to change the formulation recently because they no longer use natural civets and nitro musks. (which i have a feeling that is what gives the fragrance to the no. 5 that i love so so much. can you tell me if the new formulation of the no. 5 EDP is very different from what i am use to from the 80's ? do you know if it smells anything like the new dusting powder formulation? if so, i have just spent $170.00 for nothing. any insight you can give me will be much appreciated. thanks so much. Judy

  34. Hello Grace. Thanks so much for your sharing of your vast knowledge on vintage perfume.

    I have two vintage Chanel Pour Monsieur 200 ml splash bottles that both look like the modern Les Exclusifs bottles.One has the batch code 3018 on it. The second is labelled "A Gentleman's Cologne". I can't find a batch code on this, but there seems to be a number 62 embossed on the bottom of the bottle.

    I gather the latter was the label that Pour Monsieur was sold under in the UK after 1967. Do you happen to know when Chanel stopped using this label? Neither bottle is the modern shape, so do you know when Chanel stopped selling these 200ml splash bottles?

    Thanks so much for any help.

  35. Hi, Firstly, let me say what an interesting website. I am an avid lover of Chanel No.5 and Coco and was given a small bottle of what I believe to be no.5 many years ago by my Nan. On the bottom of the bottle it is stamped "bottle made in France" and has what I believe to be HP on one side and the number 5 on the other of the base. The stopper is square but with slightly rounded edges. It also has an art deco look. Unfortunately there are no other indications that it is Chanel although it smells wonderfully like it. Any advice please.

    1. HI, thank you for visiting my site. If you would like to me to check out your bottle, please send photos to me at

      You can also view the "Preventing Fakes"link here on my site to compare your bottle with the known fake bottles I have found over the years.

    2. Many thanks Grace, will do

  36. Hello, thank you for providing this very informative resource! I have a 7.5ml glass bottle of No 5 with the original box, although very worn and aged. I don't see the VB or it's like anywhere in the bottle, but everything else checks out. The Chanel lettering is molded and the bottle appears to be from the 50's according to the bottle dating information you have so generously provided. The back of the bottle, just above the base, has what appears to be either etched or stamped "1801" and the bottom has "Parfum
    Made in France
    Chanel Chanel®
    Paris NY, NY (and a few letters, the rest having been obliverated by time)
    7.5ml 9220 Neuilly 0.25fl oz

    Does all of this sound right? I can send pictures of necessary. The bottle is almost completely full. Thanks for any information you can provide!

    1. Hi Cori, please send all photos to my email at

  37. Hello! Have there been Chanel No 5 parfum bottles produced with a screw on black top? I've seen one listed on ebay and am not sure if it's authentic. I've seen the cologne bottles with the screw on top, but never the parfum bottles.

  38. Hello, I have a square glass bottle of Chanel Eau de Cologne. The bottom is embossed in raised letters with the name Chanel four times, on each edge. The back side of the label, seen through the perfume, says 1.7 fl oz. Sound right?

  39. Hi, I'd like to date 2 Chanel No5 boxed sprays left to me by relative. Both Black/Gold cases, one in lift-up box 15ml Perfum Rechargeable Chanel - London SW1Y 6NP 105.130 Made in France. The second Spray EDT 45ml Chanel - London SW1Y 6NP with 32S impressed in box and No.501115 on bottom of box. Hope you can help. Thank you.

  40. Hi I have a 28 ml bottle of Chanel No.5 Extrait unopened and I would like to date this bottle the number 30 is on the bottom of the bottle and on the box it has Extrait P.M. No.201 can you help me find the date and possible selling cost. Ian

  41. I have a chanel no.5 bottle with a black cat with a set of pearls around its neck and the bottle is in between its paws..the entire set is inside a dome and on the bottom my mother put that it was a gift from someone in 1967. I'm just wondering how much it is worth... Please contact me at
    Thank You, Lisa Thomas
    Cincinnati, Ohio

    1. HI Lisa,

      Your cat bottle presentation is known as the Sophisti-Cats and was produced by Max Factor in the 1950s and 1960s. They originally held a small bottle of Max Factor perfume, I think perhaps a Chanel bottle was placed there after the Max Factor bottle was used up. Chanel never made presentations like this. If you look online you can see various Max Factor Sophisti-Cat perfume presentations.

  42. Hello, I have found a Chanel nr 5 parfum (28 ml) at a great aunty with the code 1.201.51 and P.M. At the bottom of the box. I was wondering from what date it could be from. It is still half in its cellophane. So I don't dare to open it more to see the rest before I know more about its background. So could you please help me with the date of this bottle?

  43. Hi brilliant site. Do you know if earlier bottles of allure edp or edt ( womens) should have only 1x Chanel written on the base rather than two ? All my bottles of Chanel perfume have two lots of Chanel eitched into base so are ones with only one fake ?
    Also I saw some did not have underlined address either , so is that just vintage bottles of allure or is it fake ?
    Thanks in advance !!

  44. Have Chanel No 5 bottle with HJ1 etched in the glass on back bottom of bottle. How old is this? Thank you!

  45. Thank you Grace! How is the fragrance so strong after all of these years? I have parfums that start to turn at just 3 years old. This bottle of Chanel smells wonderful (and strong) with no alcohol smell.

  46. Hi Grace happy new year, hope you're well. I have a large bottle of chanel no5 8.5" tall it is perfume I can smell it...The bottle is sealed and have 32 oz on a strip of paper at the bottom..I'm thinking 1970's?..regards David

  47. Hi Grace,
    I have a Chanel no 5, 1.7 oz 50 ml. Can I send pics? I just want to make sure it is real. From the 80s-90s. Great Blog!!

  48. Hello Grace, I found a Chanel No. 5 bottle while cleaning the storage. It has CHANEL and FRANCE molded on the base. Also has the number 31B. On the front it just says No 5 CHANEL PARIS without any additional words. Would you be able to help me date this bottle? Thanks!

    1. Hi Joyce, it sounds like a 3 digit batch code, which would place it around the 1980s

  49. Hello Grace
    I wonder if you advise me whether my recent purchase off ebay of a vintage bottle of Chanel No 5 is authenticate ? My main reason to be concerned is that the square label on the bottle and on the inner box isn't on straight. The bottle has a fat stopper but the wax seal doesn't have a c or cc on it. The base of the bottle has Chanel and 32 molded on it and also a B . The inner box has Extrait P.M and Made in France on the bottom, also on the central label there's a 4 digit number indented but I can't make it out and it doesn't appear anywhere else. The outer box has the same plus 1.201.51. Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi, the fact that the base has the Chanel name molded into the glass tells me the bottle is authentic.

    2. Thank you so much for the speedy reply. I was really hoping it was going to be ok as I bought it sealed in cellophane so had no idea of what the inner box or bottle looked like. I've managed to make out the first 2 digits of the code and have dated the box to July 84. I don't know if you would be interested in having the measurements of this bottle to add to your blog, if so it measures, bottle height 5.5cms (2.165 inches) the height including stopper 8cms (3.15inches) and width 5cms (1.97 inches). Thank you for your help and for posting such a informative blog.

  50. Hi Grace. I just found your site and I am impressed. I have what looks to be a box set of testers. To me it looks like they may be about 1988 but I'm new to this. I am sending pics to your email in hopes you can identify this for me. The bottles are marked .12 by sticker on back of one bottle and 4mm?? On the bottom of each. The box is red felt woh a magnetic close lid and heavy without the bottles. Any thoughts?

  51. Hello Grace,

    I just got a vintage Chanel No 5 perfume on eBay. I do not doubt its authenticity, it's too perfect for that, but there are a few questions for me. The seller didn't know the era, but using the graphic above, I'd have to put it 1950s - 60s. The height seems to match the number above also - being just shy of 2.5 inches. So to the oddities: the box says "EXTRAIT TPM" in the middle of the bottom of the box, with a very small 120.015 on the left lower edge of the bottom. There is no "Made in France". The bottle itself is a thing of beauty (gotta gush, this is my first bottle of extrait and I'm bowled over) with a very large raised "CHANEL" in the middle of the slightly recessed bottom, again no "France", no engraved numbers anywhere, just CHANEL. I have not opened it yet, because quite frankly, it's too gorgeous and I'm wanting to look at it longer. :)

    Does any of this indicate a particular time within the 1950s - 60s range? Is there a way to date these things more closely within that time frame, say within one of the 2 decades? I'm also a bit bemused that there are no indications of origin. Any information you can give would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Karen, This sounds like a bottle that was made and sealed at Chanel's USA factories.

    2. Thanks Grace. VERY interesting. And now I'm going to have to do the deep dive into the history of No. 5, because I love running things like this to ground. A mystery! How fun! :) It certainly indicates to me at least, that this bottle is on the extreme older end of the 1950s - 1960s range, since I would not think the production of Chanel's precious perfume stayed in the US very long post war. Again, thank you for the reply and the avenue of inquiry. Karen

  52. Hi there. I wanted to thank you for your amazing website. There seems to be an uptick of fakes online and I bought one in a sealed box..I was able to prove it was a fake by including info from this site. I wanted to ask you about my latest purchase, a GM no. 5 parfum. The boxes and bottle looks rral, but I found an imperfection by the neck. It wasnt sealed and smells different from my other no.5s. I know you cant tell me about the scent, but maybe give your expertise about the bottle? The 4oz extrait is pretty rare. Could I send you some pictures? Thanks again for your website! Ann

    1. Hi Ann, thank you for visiting the site! To help you better, please send all photos to my email at cleopatrasboudoir

  53. Have sm bottle think 40 or 50's due to new york distributor. Have bottom of box size 9 then water smear with 3. Emerald cut top. 275 fl oz. Whats it worth?

  54. Hey there. Can I send you a few pics? I bought a 100ml / 3,3 oz Chanel Gabrielle Eau de Parfum Online and I dont really know if its a fake or not. Would be great if you could help me :)
    Great Website

  55. hello I am hoping you can help me date a bottle of chanel 22 from my grandmother. it is a bottle of chanel 22 the bottom of bottle has raised letters chanel bottle made in france and on the bottom end it has 10B any help dating this bottle is appreciated

  56. HI! I cannot date my bottle I bought yesterday in a bootsale. Though I recognise the smell. I believe it is no fake. But can you tell me the year, I am just interested. Black and golden top. On the front: EAE DE PARFUM N 5. on the bottom: CHANEL 35ml 1.2 FL OZ. There''s also a small label: CHANEL W1X 3DA Thank you!

  57. I have two 1/2 oz splash bottles of Coco one has 27 with a line underneath the other has a 3 with the line underneath it both on the bottoms of the bottles. I'm wondering if they are 80s or 90s bottles. They are both eau de toilette .The black labels have gold around them and say Paris, New York

  58. Hello Grace, what a great and informative website! I was hoping you could help me with identifying the authenticity of a Chanel No5 bottle. I am trying to sell my mum's perfume collection and am not convinced that this bottle is the real deal (can't find any pictures of it online...). Is it possible to send you some pictures of it? Thanks:)

  59. Hello Grace,

    your article is very helpfulp and with the additional information of the link you noted on your article the information is very complete. Thank you.
    I have eyes on this bottle, could you please let me know if this is legit or not? Please see.

    I hope I will get a reply from you.

    Have a lovely day.

  60. Hello,
    May I say that I really value and appreciate this page and all you’ve shared with us vintage Chanel lovers. Can I ask for you help?

    So my aunt has left (passed) behind what seems to be a very old bottle of chanel

    the bottle is sealed and looks legitimate(I think), has a sticker with a batch code (4 digits) dating it to 80’s on the bottom in white numbers.

    but what’s strange about this bottle is the fact that it’s got the 70’s bottle design (thick top)

    It has the vintage (2 box) packaging BUT the inside box is hard plastic! I have never see this in my life, ever.

    Is this a treasure or absolutely fake?! Help.
    Thank you.

  61. Hi there just wondered if I could get a second opinion on an empty bottle of No5 that my mum had in her drawer. The bottle is embossed on the base with CHANEL W1X 3DA 50 ML
    Would this be classed as vintage or rare perhaps?
    Thanks in advance

  62. Where do you go to find the value on a vintage Chanel No5? Estimate date before 1962. Primary identifier on the box is the 1.482.51 code.

  63. Hello.
    I've had 2 bottles of Chanel No5 splash (screw top) for a very long time and was wondering if I could get your opinion on if they are authentic and if so, what year were they produced.
    One is about 4oz (no oz on it) the only label on it is the front that reads EAU DE TOILETTE No5 CHANEL PARIS. The bottom has a diamond shape with the letter S in it with an 8 next to it and a 1 below that.
    The second one is 2 fl OZS. The front reads EAU DE COLOGNE No5 CHANEL. On the back bottom reads CHANEL Inc. NEW YORK N.Y. 10019 and the bottom has the classic CC back to back in a corner.
    Any help would be great.
    Thank you. Karen

  64. Hello.I have just received a an assortment of perfumes from an auction lot I won and among the boxes is a small Chanel gift collection of No. 5, No.22, Cuir de Russie and Bois des Isles. Onion skin and chord and wax seals intact with little to no evaporation. I managed to open the two I was most excited about and they smell heavenly. The bottom of the box reads No. 2707 with the dot below the o. I see above they are likely pre-1951 but is there anything else that will help me date them? They are the little guys with the round “lollipop” glass stoppers.

    1. Hi Lane,
      One such gift set was the Three Moods Presentation from 1934. This gift set was sold well into the 1950s and could be had in various different Chanel perfumes. This set held the bottles you describe.

  65. Hi Grace, just came across your thread today and maybe you can help me, i received an old emply Allure 7.5ml (.025floz) recharge vapouriser in a lovely silver and gold case. For life of me I cant work out how to open to refill the top doesn't seem to move at all, would you have come across this item anytime. Thanks Martina

  66. I have a Chanel Gardenia Extract GM with n° 203 on the bottom of the box. Is this 1927 as advert from paper reviews it or later? I can't find anything on the internet except one on enay but its eau de toilette fur £400