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Monday, July 22, 2013

Sycamore vs. Sycomore

Sycamore: launched in 1930. Inspired by the sycamore tree and Coco Chanel's dream of the perfect woody perfume, a dry, balsamic scent without all of the feminine trappings of the other perfumes of the day.

So what did it smell like?

  • Top notes: violet
  • Middle notes: balsam
  • Base notes: tobacco

Presented in a tall clear glass rectangular bottle with sloping shoulders. Packaged in a wooden box which heralded the perfume's name.

Originally retailed for $45 in 1930 as seen in this 1930 ad for B. Altman & Co.

Discontinued, date unknown.

Sycomore. A rich-wood fragrance with a noble character -- like the Sycomore tree that inspired it -- created by Chanel Master Perfumer Jacques Polge in 2008. At the heart of the scent: Vetiver, with an elegant Sandalwood note and dashes of Cypress, Juniper and Pink Pepper, for an earthy, warm and enveloping, yet subtle presence.

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