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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Real Chanel Chance Eau Tendre vs. Fake Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

Some photos and info are from the following guide:

Other photos are from an ebay seller who claims her perfume is authentic because the bar code she entered in ebay's form comes up as a Chanel perfume. What the seller doesn't understand is that this bar code was taken from a genuine Chanel perfume bottle at one time and has been "stolen" by a Chinese manufacturer and by being printed and used for various Chanel Chance Eau Tendre fakes over and over, that's why it works.

On the fake bottle, it comes with a slip cover that has this print on it. The real bottles do not have this slip cover. In addition, the slip cover has a shoddy cut and paste photo shop image. Also notice that the box shows a waterstain  underneath the cellophane, this is caused by the fake perfume leaking inside the package. Leaking bottles are very common with fake perfumes.

Real box: Purple shade
Fake box: light pink shade

Fake box's back side. Notice the Chanel name on the left is missing its copyright symbol!

Fake box's slip cover back side. Notice the Chanel name on the left is missing its copyright symbol!

Rea; box: the printing is exact
Fake box: the printing is off center and there is a ghost image of a "double strike" on the word Chanel.

Real box: note two barcodes and location of the boxes on either side of the barcode and where the recycle symbol is located.
Fake: single barcode and note location of the small boxes and recycle symbol. Also on the bottom picture, is a fake, it is missing its barcode!

Real cap: the cap will always fit tightly onto the sprayer head
Fake cap: huge gap between cap and sprayer head, which will make it wobbly.

Real base: the metal plate fits perfectly embedded on the base, with teh screws even in all four corners.
Fake base: the metal plate is poorly made  and the four screws holding it on are unevenly placed in the corners.

Real bottle: the quality of the metal is very thick, smooth and highly polished.
Fake bottle: the metal is poor quality, is dull and thin and shows abrasions on the edges.

Real box: 
Fake box: direction of packaging is incorrect

Real bottle: the high quality glass is smooth, evenly molded and polished
Fake bottle: poor quality with visible ridges resulting in uneven surface and waviness.

Real bottle: has a unique serial number engraved onto the glass, and matches the one on the box.
Fake bottle: doesn't display the engraved number on the glass.

1 comment:

  1. Errata: You might want to correct the captions you have under the fake Chance box & slip cover backs to avoid confusion, re "Notice the Chanel name on the left is missing its copyright symbol!"

    FYI, there is no copyright © OR registered ® symbol next to the name in CHANEL PARIS (left side) printed on real boxes either. What IS wrong on those fake box & sleeve backs is the "INC." in CHANEL ® INC. in tiny font, jammed up under the ® & the French address, 92200 NEUILLY SUR SEINE, misprinted as "92200 NEUILLY SURSEINE" (more clearly visible on the fake slip cover)