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Monday, February 3, 2020

Prices of Chanel No. 5 in the 1940s

In the 1940's many stores offered perfumes in dram sizes, i was much more affordable to those going through wartime. But the regular size bottles were still sold, however, there were shortages of the fragrances being exported to the USA. Some stores also had sales on the perfumes from time to time.

For USA prices:

I have used an inflation calculator to figure out what the same perfumes would sell for 2019 money, this notation is in red)

In 1940 Chanel No. 5 sold from $2.25 ($41.61) for a dram to $20 ($369.84) for an ounce of perfume. 

In 1942, the following Chanel perfumes sold from $2.75 ($43.75 to $25.50 ($405.68): Chanel No. 5, Russian Leather, Gardenia, Chanel No. 22.

In 1945, a 1/2 oz bottle of Chanel No. 5 parfum sold for $15.90 ($229.16).

In 1947, Chanel No. 5 retailed for $10 (half ounce) ($116.11) to $17.50 (one ounce) ($203.20) , plus 20% sales US tax.

In 1948, for Chanel No. 5, a new size one quarter ounce retailed for $6.00 ($64.63) , while the half ounce still sold for $10 ($107.71), one ounce sold for $17.50 ($188.49) and two ounces sold for $32.50 ($350.06).

In 1949, the 2 ounce size sold for $35 ($380.80).

In 1946, a classified ad in the Tucson Daily Citizen noted that a "private party selling few bottles of genuine French perfume, Chanel's No. 5 and Chanel's No. 46."

Now in France during the war, 1944, queues of soldiers lined the streets in front of the best Parisian perfume shops. Subsequently, the prices of French perfumes rose by 50 percent as the cost of buying perfumery materials like perfume oils to make them and bottles to house them were not always available and the ones that were had prices skyrocket due to demand. Shops like Chanel, Schiaparelli and Guerlain had signs on their doors saying "No perfume today!"


  1. Hi does this seem authentic? The top is sloping or is it just an awkward angle?

    1. Hi it is clearly a fake, from the stopper, to the bottle to the label.

    2. Omg thank you for the response. I thought it was strange that i could make out the ylang ylang so strongly. It does smell pretty but how sad.. I spent 170 dollars on this.

  2. Hi do you offer a service (I checked your etsy but found its only for bottles that the person owns) for checking whether ebay listings are authentic? As I purchased this also before finding your blog.$_57.JPG?set_id=8800005007 and now think it must be fake because of the 80 written on lBel. Seller says it is from the 50s

    1. Hi, this bottle is authentic, the base of the bottle should have either Chanel or CC molded into the glass. This bottle is probably from the 1970s, this is when I start to see the wording on the box in silver or gold and black, prior to this, all wording was in black just like on the label. I was able to view the link and look at the ebay sold item in question, as for the photos, I can see that the bottle is molded Chanel, so this is authentic. Again, I would date it to the 1970s. I hope this helps you.

    2. Thank you wonderful stranger!!! And for all the resources and information in all the various blogs.