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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Real Coco by Chanel vs. Fake Coco by Chanel

This guide was borrowed from abodaciousgal on flickr.

Front of Box
Left is authentic, right is fake won in an ebay auction

•Ink used for label and print on the box is substandard
•The font is smaller on the fake
•The ink has bled between many letters
•The gold on black lettering and imprints on the box are thicker and harder to read than the authentic
•The word vaporisateur is higher on the fake box
•The white logo box is larger on the fake

Back of Box
Left is authentic, right is fake won in an ebay auction

•The logo on the back is larger, less refined than on the authentic
•The multilingual translation for the word spray (vaporisateur) also has the word “natural” added to each line on to the fake even though the barcode (314589 1135305) and box numbers (113.530) are the same
•The Russian translation for the word spray is missing on the fake
•The list of ingredients has only seven on the fake (the first three and the last four) and not the 23 listed on the original
•In the list of ingredients, 5 of those listed which have parentheses, have typos where there is no space between the words (i.e. “AQUA(WATER)” and not “AQUA (WATER)” )
•The CHANEL Paris logo is missing
•The 92200 NEUILLY SUR SEINE underlined logo is missing
•There is a typo on the CHANEL NY logo with no space between CHANEL and INC.

Side of Box
Left is authentic, right is fake won in an ebay auction

•The color of the gold used in ink and on the box sides are yellowier/brassier colored than on the authentic
•The top flaps on the box sides are larger on the fake.

Bottom of the box
Left is authentic, right is fake won in an ebay auction

•The spacing of the letters is smaller (and not justified) than on the authentic
•The circular circle with an arrow symbol on the bottom of the box is upside down than on the authentic.

Front of Bottle
Left is authentic, right is fake won in an ebay auction

•The white logo imprinted on the black band is thicker
•The ink used is flaking/rubbing off where the authentic cannot be scratched or rubbed off
•The label is cut roughly around the edges
•The color of the gold on the label is yellowier/brassier colored than on the authentic
•The font of the label is larger and thicker than the authentic
•The color of the printing on the label is silver and not white

Side of Bottle
Bottle on left is authentic, right is fake won in an ebay auction

•The thickness of the bottle on the bottom and on the sides are thicker and less uniform than the shape of the authentic
•The color of the fake perfume is darker
•The scent of the fake is nothing like the musky authentic, it smells like aftershave!!!!

Top of Cap
Left is authentic, right is fake won in an ebay auction

•The bottle top is rougher, rounder and less clear than the authentic bottle.
•There are cast marks on the top of the fake bottle.

Closeup of Cap
Left is authentic, right is fake won in an ebay auction

•The bubble within the cap is smaller, less in depth and misshapen on the fake.

Back of Bottle
Left is authentic, right is fake won in an ebay auction

•The pump does not have a ball bearing nor is tube long enough to reach the bottom of the bottle as on an authentic bottle
•The authentic has the all the logos and registered trademarks on the reverse so they are visible from the back of the bottle and the fake has nothing
•The nozzle of the fake is taller than the authentic and crooked
•The color of the nozzle is lighter shade than the authentic.

Bottom of Bottle
Left is authentic, right is fake won in an ebay auction

•The etched product markings on the bottom of the bottle are lighter
•The CHANEL Inc logo does not have the registration mark
•The CHANEL Inc logo has New York, NY 10019 and not N.Y., N.Y. 10019 as on the authentic bottle
•The CHANEL Paris logo is missing
•The 92200 NEUILLY SUR SEINE underlined logo is missing


  1. thanks for the enlightenment...

  2. Thank u so much for this post..Very helpful

  3. When did Chanel start using logos and registered trademarks on the reverse? I'd really like to know this for the little pure parfums? I know the latest bottles have this. Just wondering when it is safe to buy them on ebay when you can't see it on revers thanks.

  4. The bottle that I have bought says made in USA instead of France? This is the first time I m coming across a Chanel perfume that says made in USA. How can I check if it's authentic?

  5. If the back of the label is printed with
    Chanel®, Inc.
    New York, NY 10019
    1.2 fl oz 35 ml

    This means the bottle was produced in the USA here in the Piscataway, New Jersey Chanel factory and not France. Since, 1974, most of Chanel's fragrances are produced here using essential oils and other ingredients from France.

  6. I hope more people see this very helpful post! I purchased a bottle of Chanel Coco on ebay 10 years ago, the seller had high ratings and the bottle wasn't cheap. I was aware of fakes, but not aware of just how many fakes there were, so I figured high ratings made it safe. Well, the lid of the bottle felt light/cheap, the sticker looked a bit cheap, the juice itself - it didn't smell bad, it seemed to maybe fit what others described? I hadn't sampled actual Chanel Coco before. Also the sprayer barely worked. But I thought these were reasons why the perfume was being sold on ebay for a bit less - as you can see, I was VERY naive about how to spot signs of fake, and to not even have compared with the actual Coco, and to think Chanel would ever have produced such a defective bottle that it would be sold at discount!! So that's the textbook case of how NOT to go about purchasing a perfume online. So I tried to like the perfume, but it was a bit pungent to me. I assumed I did not like coco. Just a couple of weeks ago I decided to test it at a store - I almost passed it over as usual since I had assumed all this time that I didn't like it - lo and behold, it smelled incredibly good on me! Right then and there is when I finally realized I had bought a fake way back then. SO.....lesson learned. And I now purchased and enjoy a real bottle of Coco :-)

    1. Thank you for visiting the site and your comments, I am glad to see that you were able to revisit Coco again and found that you actually enjoyed the real scent :)

  7. I have a bottle of Coco Chanel 60g Refillable EDP which was purchased some years ago at Boots UK and it has Chanel London W1X 3DA on the back with small letters embossed _009 (I think) I have sold it on EBay and the buyer is accusing me of selling a fake item - would you be able to help me to verify that this is authentic as I am worried because I don't have the original receipt

  8. This site is great. I found a ''too good to be true'' on Ebay with a guarentee for return. The perfume is going through the dry down as stated. This is my first experience with Coco Chanel so I'm nervous...your 'authentic vs. fake' explains clearly and my packaging and bottle have passed the authentic test. There are only two concerns that I'm not sure about. First, the chanel label around the bottle neck and second is the sillage. Is Coco a strong sillage before the dry down?

  9. can you show a comparison of the fake/real of coco chanel edt?

  10. can you please show some comparisons in the fake/real coco chane eau de toilette? mostly is shows the parfum or perfumes...not the toilete-iamlooking to buy some eay de toilette, and i could use the help...thankyou!!!

  11. I have 75 ml bottle of COCO. It is not a spray, just an open top, with a black screw on lid for finger dabbing. It has embossed on the bottom: 75ml 2.5 FL.OZ CHANEL 7 SGD. Is this authentic or fake? I sel on eBay for our animal shelter and I like to keep things honest. Thank you for any help you can offer.