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Friday, December 13, 2013

Vintage 1970s Chanel Factice Wall Display

Vintage 1970s Chanel Factice Wall Display. 

This astonishing wood & plexiglass fronted display stand would have been removed from the wall in which it was set when Chanel altered the size of the bottles which happened to coincide when barcoding came into play in the early 1980's, it stands at exactly 48cms tall by 38cms wide by 5cms deep ( 1ft 5" tall x 1ft 3" wide x 2" deep ), it is in absolutely superb condition save the odd, easy to remove dark mark to the painted frame.

Of the 5 parfum bottles, the 2x 7ml bottles stand at 5.5cm, 2x 14ml bottles stand at 7cm & the largest, which is set into the centre of the display stands at 8cm are full with intact black wax CC logo seal & the original Baudruchage membrane (though the larger bottle has a small amount of residue). Thanks to the gold mirrored walls to the case being set at 45 degree angle to the flat face of the case the case appears to hold more than the 5 bottles.

This item sold on ebay for approximately $1,959.24 US dollars on Sept. 25, 2013.

Photos and info from ebay seller sam_in_barbate 

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