Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Anatomy of a Fake Chanel Perfume Bottle

Look at the shape of the bottle, the shoulder of the bottle should be straight, not sloping like on this bottle.Also notice the boxes, the box on the right should be i two parts, where the bottle would fit snugly inside a base and a top would slide over the top of the bottle, then a small label would be placed over the seam to seal the two halves of the bottle in place. On this fake bottle set, you can see that it is just one box, and not the two halved box like it should be.

Beter view of the sloping shoulders and the stopper, which does not have the extra faceting as on a genuine Chanel bottle.

Showing the back of the fake bottle.

The bottom of the fake bottle. This says "Bottle Made in France" and has the entwined HP symbol, which is the mark of Pochet et du Courval. The bottle should have "Chanel" embossed into the base along with the maker's initials VB or BR for Verreries Brosse, the company who made Chanel's genuine perfume bottles.

Notice the overall look of the box, see how the black lines are uneven and the printing looks globby and not perfectly set.

The back of the outer box, the printing is very small and not perfectly set. The CC logo is slightly wrong too.

The front of the outer box, the printing is not perfectly set and the black lines are uneven.

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