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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Examples of Negative Feedback for Fake Perfumes

Here are some examples of negative feedback for Chanel perfumes on ebay.

I copied and pasted these feedbacks directly from ebay and

m80hall 124Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499) 
Mar-29-13 07:31
  • Reply by xguardian123 (Mar-29-13 14:10):
    We never sell anything other than genuine brand items. A+ reviews please read.
Chanel Coco Mademoiselle 3.4oz Women's Eau de Parfum (#121075350254)

Neutral feedback ratingBecause it's a Chanel, I had hoped it was made in France. Next time, specify.Buyer:
Nov-09-06 06:54
  • Reply by gifts-unlimited (Nov-10-06 18:50):
    Buyer assumed where it was made, I did not lie. All my Chanels are made in USA.
-- (#290039355980)

Positive feedback ratingThx May-04-13 12:35
  • Follow-up by perfumestash (May-05-13 11:37):
    This Item has Alien Particals Floating and does NOT smell like Chance. FAKE.
1Chanel Chance3.4oz Perfume for Woman (#261205802161)

Neutral feedback ratingshippin A++/ not same item as in description, was fake not to sellers knowledgeBuyer:
deevicx201 116Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499) 
Jan-02-13 08:36Feedback conversation
BRAND NEW & SEALED Chanel No. 5 3.4oz Women's Eau de Parfum BEST PRICE ON EBAY (#170961974634)

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